Solar Running Collection: Featuring Solarboost 3

Fire up your run with adidas Solar footwear. Supportive uppers on top of responsive Boost cushioning and adidas Linear Energy Push technology keep you moving comfortably mile after mile.


Whether it’s a passion or a pastime, running is a cathartic experience of finding peace and diving into discomfort all at the same time. It takes confidence and perseverance, and avid runners live for the power that comes with each stride. Harness that strength and race along the horizon in Solar running shoes that give you the energy to go for miles. Inspired by aerospace engineering, Solar shoes are built to support the confident and motivated runner. Explore Solar running shoes and discover the rocket science that helps you fly on your feet.


A favorite among runners of all types, the adidas Boost midsole technology is integrated in many of our Solar running shoes. Solarboost shoes navigate the tough city terrain with ease and style, helping you go the distance atop soft cushioning and endless energy return. The upper consists of thousands of micro stiches engineered to precisely support a runner’s foot, lending a lightweight and breathable fit.


Conquer the concrete with Solar Drive. Built with a Boost midsole, symmetrical propulsion rail and lightweight tongue, Solar Drive uses a scientific approach to deliver a smoother, more controlled run.


Any running enthusiast knows long distance endurance doesn’t just happen overnight. Conditioning is built up step by step, mile by mile. Solar Ride running shoes are designed to support the continuous strides of long-distance runs. Providing targeted support and flexible cushioning with a Bounce midsole, Solar Ride shoes have a strong mesh upper so your steps stay energized for miles. For a solid go-to shoe, Solar Glide is a staple for running on the road. Solar Glide running shoes deliver cushioned comfort with a Boost midsole, providing a smooth ride the whole way through. The breathable mesh upper stretches with your foot for a perfect fit and feel, ensuring that nothing stands in the way of you and your goals.


Inspired by aerospace engineering and built for the performance required by avid runners, Solar shoes encourage runners to harness confidence and enjoy the transformative experience of being one with the road. While you can find Solar shoes with different mid-soles like Boost and Bounce, the uniquely engineered mesh upper technology remains consistent, offering the lightweight structured support and moldable fit that makes this shoe a favorite for distance runners.