adidas / July 2022


You are made to live your truth. To challenge norms, break boundaries, redefine standards and create change. You are made to be original. You are made for more.

What does it mean to be original?   


Original is not a title earned but a journey lived. It is the choice to remain unwavering in your commitment to being true to yourself, your community and ambitions. More than anything, it is a commitment to be more you . To continually discover who you are at your core and remain honest to that.

Changing the mould    



In choosing to be an original, you will continue to test the confines of the mould set by society. The concept of living within predetermined rules to fulfill a pre-destined formula is simply not an option. In choosing to be original, you challenge preconceived notions about who you are, your values and your vision. By powering through, you will eventually break the mould you have been placed in.   

Be more you with adiClub    


At adiClub , we offer the tools you need to make the process of change smoother. We join you on your journey and celebrate the progress you make.   

adiClub is a community of like-minded people that supports you through life, as the challenges and successes you experience continually define and redefine you. In your process of self-discovery — of becoming more you adiClub stays true to you with exclusive access, rewards and community to make the impossible happen.  



At adiClub , you are Made for More  

adidas / July 2022