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Trail running is to road running what skydiving is to taking a commercial flight. That's why, when you love to run where the only sound is the wind in the trees and the in and out of your breath, you need adidas trail running shoes. With trail running, every day is different and you have to expect the unexpected. It might involve steep inclines and aggressive descents. It can be rocky, sandy, muddy or icy. Obstacles like tree roots and boulders require agility as you move through them. Changing conditions mean that the next time you run the same trail, it will be a completely different experience. Our all-terrain running shoes are built to handle it all. Abrasion-resistant uppers resist snagging, and rugged outsoles with deep biting edges provide all-weather traction. Some models prioritize speed, others, stability. Technologies like Continental™ Rubber, Boost cushioning, waterproof RAIN.RDY and the micro-adjustable BOA® Fit System ensure that you are prepared for whatever the day, and the trail, throws at you. Check out adidas trail running shoes and take it off the pavement and into the unknown.

adidas Trail Running Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

How are trail running shoes different?

Typically, trail running shoes are more rugged than road shoes in order to protect your feet on rough terrain. adidas trail running shoes have features like Continental ™ rubber outsoles for exceptional traction even in wet conditions.

Do I need trail shoes for trail running?

Some all-around running shoes may work on hard-packed trails without steep inclines, dedicated trail running shoes are recommended if you plan on running on rugged terrain or in wet, muddy conditions. Learn more about the differences between trail running shoes and running shoes at the adidas blog.