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Energize every step from drive to putt in adidas golf shoes. Designed to give you dependable traction in every swing.
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adidas golf shoes: comfort and precision

Playing your best round of golf depends on several things – your own technique, the clubs you use and even the golf shoes that you wear. adidas can’t make you perfect your swing, but we can provide you with the best possible golf trainers to set you on the course to golfing excellence. adidas golf shoes are packed with a host of features that will help boost your comfort and precision, such as Boost technology that provides instant energy return with each step, Gripmore spikeless traction and the micro-adjustable BOA Fit system that enables you to find the perfect fit with a simple turn of the dial.

Get into the swing in adidas golf trainers

adidas offers a diverse selection of golfing shoes to suit you and the kind of game you play. Shoes for golf can be divided into four main categories. Spiked, or cleated, golf shoes offer enhanced stability and grip – ideal in wet or slippery conditions in the rough. Spikeless shoes have flat dimpled soles that offer less grip and stability, but can be more comfortable and stylish in the long run. Casual golf shoes take comfort and street style even further and are ideal if you want to move seamlessly from the course to your other daily activities. Waterproof golf shoes are ideal if you think you’ll be playing a lot in wet conditions.

Hit the course in style

adidas offers a wide range of golf trainers for men, women and children. ZG21 golf shoes offer a lightweight spiked design featuring Lightstrike cushioning and a Boost midsole for enhanced comfort and energy return. Tour 360 shoes for golf helps you take your performance to the next level with a 360Wrap design that gives you a locked-in feel, with enhanced stability and a secure fit. Tech Response golf trainers are the perfect all-rounders for all skill levels, while S2G spikeless golf shoes offer sophisticated street style that’s as good for walking to the shops as on a challenging golf course.

Golf trainers have come a long way, and while white designs are still a popular choice, many people are today making the switch to more colourful and unique designs. adidas offers a wide range of colours, including white, black, grey, blue, pink and brown. You’ll also be able to choose between simple plain designs and golf trainers featuring iconic adidas details like the 3-Stripes and Trefoil. Elevate your look while out on the green with the adidas range of golf clothing, including comfortable polo shirts and golf trousers.

adidas understands golf, but we also understand people. Whether you’re looking for dedicated spiked golf shoes that will give you the best possible grip and stability, or you’re looking for golf shoes that will also be good for everyday activities, we’ve got you covered. Explore our range of golf trainers for the ultimate combination of style and function.

Golf shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Trainers for golf are specially designed spiked and spikeless shoes to be worn on the golf course. They provide increased stability, balance and traction, enabling you to deliver more power and accuracy in your swing.
Most people opt for white golf shoes as this is more traditional, and the colour matches most of the clothing styles that you might wear on the course. They also allow you to stay cooler on hot days. Black is also quite popular and other colours are increasingly seen as fashionable.
Golf shoes are suitable for walking and comfortable for everyday use, provided that they’re spikeless.