Football boots

Predator has been a menace to opponents for decades. It just got meaner. With the latest scoring technology, Strikeskin, the new Predator is crafted for one thing: goals. Whether you are a Sunday league left-back or full-time baller, the Predator is here to send scores off the charts.
Nashville Predators Launch Football 2024 Spring Summer Predator image
Nashville Predators Launch Football 2024 Spring Summer Predator image
Nashville Predators Launch Football 2024 Spring Summer Predator image

Find your fit with our football shoes

Our football shoes are designed to support your every movement out on the pitch. Flexible, structured ankle collars help provide balance and stability. Our uppers are made from flexible materials that let you move how you need to. Plus, strategically placed zones of grippy material help improve ball contact so you're always in control. When you browse our range, you'll find different options that emphasise different skill sets, including lightweight options with internal TPU frames that let you take off with speed. Other options have extra weight at the forefoot that help you strike the ball with power and control.

Football boots for all surfaces

Finding the right football shoes starts with finding the right outsoles for the surface you play on. adidas has football boots to suit all types of playing surfaces. Our firm ground options have studs and a hard TPU plate to keep you moving with power. Soft ground options have longer studs that help you dig in to wet, natural surfaces, keeping you steady on your feet. Boots for artificial surfaces utilise lugged rubber outsoles and indoor boots have a flat, lightweight, rubber outsole. We also have options that are specifically for goalkeepers, with lightweight materials and cushioned insoles that let you stay quick and light on your feet, while a glove-like fit keeps you steady and balanced.

Durable and lasting

Our football shoes are built to withstand everything you throw at them, so a little extra care off the pitch will help them keep supporting you on the pitch. Keep your new boots clean by brushing the uppers with a soft brush like a toothbrush and spot cleaning any stains with a damp cloth and soapy water. Rinse with plain water and leave to dry thoroughly.