Boys' Backpacks

Picking out the perfect backpack for school is exciting. Boys’ backpacks from adidas offer his favorite colors, fun patterns and even cartoon characters so he’ll be able to pick the gear he loves.

Boys' backpacks

With adidas accessories for sport and leisure, you have a foundation you can fully rely on without losing any functionality or style. The recognizable adidas design is a thread running through all our collections. As such, we inspire you to feel self-confident and authentic day in, day out. Motivation is everything. Whether it be while travelling to the gym, during the competition or your working day – with adidas backpacks, enthusiasm for your adventures is number one on your list of priorities. The boys' backpacks from adidas are designed to suit your active lifestyle.

Make your own rules – adidas boys' backpacks

With backpack collections like Originals and Performance, you are constantly one step ahead of the latest trend. Old treasures and innovations united under the umbrella of creativity. That's what you'll find in the diverse world of adidas Originals. Performance is made for athletes who are not willing to compromise on style – it's retro design with a distinct spotlight on performance. Black, green, burgundy, and many other colors are available colors for our backpacks.

People who use creativity to change their world – adidas boys's products.

Boys's thrive on moving their bodies and learning all the rules of the game. The collection for boys's from adidas is built to give comfort and confidence.

Show your unique style that is totally you with boys' a backpack from adidas.