Mens Basketball Shorts

Push past your limit in adidas men's basketball shorts. Designed for power and performance, while keeping you comfortable on the court.


If you’re working on your game or getting in runs at the park, adidas basketball shorts for men come in an array of cuts and colors to let you express yourself on the blacktop or hardwood. Breathable materials with AEROREADY tech help you stay dry and comfortable, whether you’re playing, training, or just kicking back and going through your daily routine. Basketball shorts come in long styles for extra coverage, short fits for those who want a sleek look, and an extended range of sizes means everyone can rock the latest hoops style in the gym, at the park, and everywhere in between.


You don’t need to think too hard about how to wear basketball shorts—they’re comfortable, versatile, and are a perfect year-round option for both on and off the court. When you’re gearing up for practice, pair performance basketball shorts with your favorite adidas basketball shoes and shirts to help you play your best. Signature basketball sneakers from Damian Lillard, James Harden and Donovan Mitchell have matching shorts for unique style. Turn heads and go all-out with tie-dyed prints and multi-tonal patterns that keep all eyes on you while you’re dropping dimes and cutting to the basket. Keep it simple with neutral styles that go with anything for a chill vibe while you relax and recover. Browse adidas for men’s basketball shorts and find the best pair for you.

Mens Basketball Shorts Frequently Asked Questions

Gym shorts are different from basketball shorts in that gym shorts are made for many different activities, whereas basketball shorts are specifically made for playing basketball. Gym shorts may include workout shorts, running shorts, compression shorts and even bike shorts. They’re typically cut fairly snug to the body. Basketball shorts are usually longer and looser than gym shorts to allow airflow and a total range of motion. Both kinds of shorts are typically made with breathable materials and moisture-absorbing techs, like adidas AEROREADY.
Men’s basketball shorts typically fall around knee length, with some above and some below. They’re also loose, for mobility and airflow. The long length helps players avoid having to tug their shorts down in the middle of a game. In the early days of the game, basketball shorts were knee-length tights. Over time they got looser and shorter, and then looser and longer in the ’80s. And now it seems the trend is going back to shorter. The point is: Find a fit that's comfortable to you, and bring your A-game.
Compression shorts or tights are a good layer to wear under your basketball shorts. They provide coverage and muscle support while promoting circulation. Compression shorts also help keep an even body temperature in the midst of stop-and-go games. They’re often built with performance materials and sweat-wicking techs like adidas AEROREADY. Basketball shorts are built loose and typically don’t have liners, so compression shorts are a good choice if you want a close-to-skin feel and stay-put fit with every move.