Mens Black Jackets

Get back in black with our range of stylish and comfortable men's black jackets. Cut a dash in one of our many different styles, from lightweight runners for active sports to heavy padded jackets for the depths of winter.

Men's black jackets

Boy is it cold outside! It’s that time of year again when all you need is cosy jacket to keep the chill from your bones. Your wardrobe is incomplete without a great jacket; they are an essential winter staple when faced with plummeting temperatures and changeable weather. A good jacket will protect you from the winter chill and while still enhancing your style. At adidas, you get the highest quality materials that are carefully selected to provide you with the utmost comfort. The collection of men's black jackets are made for style and comfort using quality materials such as polyester and French terry. Black never goes out of style, so these men's black jackets will pair perfectly go along with any colour or outfit for years to come.

Choose the right jacket

With all the different materials and types of jackets, choosing the right item for you is important. A padded jacket provides better insulation and keeps you warmer than their non-padded counterparts. However, non-padded jackets provide ease of movement and keep you free during an active day. Here, you will find every type of black jacket for men, all of which will keeping you warm and cosy without sacrificing an inch of your style.

The wide variety

Hitting the gym on a cold morning? Throw on a jacket that keeps you warm and provides the freedom to move; adidas has a wide collection of athletic men's black jackets that come with high quality, quick dry fabric and are super stretchy. For a great casual look, pair a black padded jacket over a simple jeans and t-shirt look and you are good to go. All black jackets for men at adidas deliver on the promise of keeping you warm and comfortable when winter is hitting its hardest. These jackets add to your style and the high quality fabrics used ensure durability and a longer life.