White Sweatshirts

White sweatshirts have a place in any wardrobe, as they're easy to pair with anything. Take a look at our wide range of plain and patterned designs, with something for all ages and sizes.

White sweatshirt

Winter is far too long just to be seen in an oversized and unfashionable sweatshirt. White sweatshirts are now so appealing, with different designs to suit your style throughout the cold weather. You can wear your white sweatshirt to party, sit out with friends, and even on a casual Friday in the office. The many diverse styles achievable with the sweatshirts are made possible due to their inbuilt designs, for example, the detachable hoodie, letting you control exactly how cool or warm you want to feel when you’re wearing your white sweatshirt. The detachable hoodie also lets you switch between a range of styles, from street style to a more casual look. It hardly needs mentioning that your white sweatshirt, made with 100 percent cotton, has a fabulous soft feel, ensuring you are not just warm but comfortable throughout the day. The white sweatshirt also has a side zip, which increases ventilation whenever you need it. If you want a firm fit around your waist, a drawcord at the hem of the sweatshirt enables you to control the fitting as desired.

Wearing your white sweatshirt in style

For fashionable women or men, a cropped white sweatshirt still possesses the glorious look it had back in the 90s when it was much appreciated. The legendary adidas brands and logo give your sweatshirt that added extra touch of something special, and the high stand-up collar will really let you stand out from the crowd. Even if you decide to go with a loose-fitting white sweatshirt, you’ll still stay snug and warm. You can also choose to style up your white sweatshirt with a nice pair of trousers, like your favourite pair of chinos or skinny jeans, or with a pair of adidas trainers for your sports and workout activities.