Yellow Shoes

Yellow shoes brighten up any look. Choose from a wide variety of styles and sizes, from neon yellow cleats that show off your speed on the field to pastel yellow sneakers that bring a little light to every step.

adidas Yellow Shoes

Yellow is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it's the color of positivity and sunshine. On the other, it asks for caution, like on high-voltage warning signs and wasps. One thing is unanimous, though: Wear yellow shoes and you will get attention. Whether you'll react to it like a butterfly or bee is entirely up to you. It's no wonder neon yellow shoes are a common choice of footwear among pro athletes. From the basketball court to the soccer pitch, it's easier for a player to stand out if they wear a bright color that grabs attention. When the television cameras zoom out and it's hard to make out the name on the back of a jersey, fans can still register the neon yellow shoes on a player's feet. It can also help make it easier for teammates to pick them out for a pass. It doesn't matter if you're partial to bright yellow sneakers for a functional reason or if your love is purely rooted in style. Yellow shoes are a bold choice that will be sure to get you noticed. Just try slipping on a pair of optic yellow Ultraboosts and blending in. It's nearly impossible. Browse through our selection of yellow shoes from adidas to find a pair of sneakers that will make a statement.

adidas makes yellow shoes for all kinds of sports, such as road racing, trail running, golf, tennis, basketball, football, soccer, futsal, volleyball, hiking, cycling, rock climbing and more. Choose from Five Ten mountain bike shoes to adidas Terrex hiking boots in all types of yellow, from mustard to neon to pastel. If your heart belongs to the beautiful game, browse our selection of yellow soccer cleats built for the playing surface and style that's right for you. adidas soccer cleats come in four main franchises: lightweight X for speed, supportive Predator cleats for control, comfortable Copa that optimizes touch and Gamemode that prioritizes self-expression. If you love to hoop, take your pick of signature basketball shoes, such as the Dame, Harden, D.O.N. or Trae Young as well as adidas classics like the Forum. Yellow is a bold choice for our already bold designs. You can also check for yellow football cleats, available in the form of adizero cleats for the speed demon or Freak cleats for the player who pushes boundaries. And if you're looking to stand out at your next race, neon yellow shoes are a perfect choice. Like in football, adizero is our speed franchise for running. Yellow adizero running shoes are a great race-day shoe, not only because they'll keep you fast, but because it will be easier for friends and family to spot you in the pack (or ahead of it). If your priority is distance, then go for the Adistar. It's built for the long, slow run and can handle distances of anywhere from 5 to 100 km. It offers a combination of support, cushioning and propulsion for a ride so smooth you'll feel like you can run endlessly. In addition to sports performance shoes, adidas makes yellow sneakers for lifestyle wear. Check for adidas classics such as the Nizza, Stan Smith, Superstar, NMD, ZX or adilette. Our lifestyle sneakers come decked out in sunny yellow shades from pastel to lemon to neon. adidas yellow shoes would look well balanced against a neutral color like white, black or brown for contrast. Mustard-yellow shoes serve as a less extreme option, but the color still stands out when paired with all shades of blue, particularly navy. Green is also a route you could go, which will result in fantastically bold and vibrant tones. Yellow might be an underrated color, but it is never understated. Browse yellow shoes from adidas to find a pair of sneakers that will be sure to stand out.