Mens White Shoes

White shoes are the bridge between a casual outfit and a sophisticated look. Keep it classy at work or around the house with adidas men's white shoes.
Y-3 White Y-3 Water SlideY-3 White Y-3 Water Slide
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Y-3 Water Slide


Y-3 White Y-3 SandalsY-3 White Y-3 Sandals
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Y-3 White Y-3 Takumi Sen 10Y-3 White Y-3 Takumi Sen 10
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Y-3 Takumi Sen 10


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What distinguishes an established wardrobe from a basic closet? A pair of men’s white sneakers. Clean and bright, they form the foundation on which you can build your look while elevating it at the same time, streetwear or smart-casual, men’s white shoes simply add a degree of sophistication to any outfit. Wear them and yours can have it too.


The Trefoil on a white colorway on a grass court. An image seared into sports history. Since the 1960s, adidas has set the standard for what a tennis shoe could be, and we continue that streak today with our men’s white tennis shoes. For on-court combat, our latest silhouettes come equipped with reinforced constructions and grippy outsoles make the most of your agility. For off-court, everyday wear, however, we offer the sleek and cool comfort of our classics. With their white colorways you’ll add style points to any outfit. Just another vintage look in the making.