Running Jackets

A little bad weather won’t get between you and your goals, so get your run in with adidas running jackets. Whether you’re facing the morning cold or some light rain, you’ll be covered.

adidas Running Jackets

The best thing about a lightweight running jacket? It lets you get to business without weighing you down with bulky distractions. adidas running jackets are designed with your comfort in mind, so that you don’t have to worry about overheating while you’re giving it your all out on the pavement. Depending on your needs, you can find running windbreakers for blustery days, casual jogging jackets for easy runs and water-repellent jackets when the wet weather can’t keep you inside. For early morning workouts and post-WFH decompression sessions, look for reflective on all sides to help you stand out and stay safe. Browse adidas for running jackets to wear, whether you’re competing, training or chilling.

Running Jackets Frequently Asked Questions

Choose layers for running in cold, wet or windy weather. Then you can take layers off and tie them around your waist as you warm up. If the day is windy, all you might need is a light windbreaker. On cool days, a pullover fleece layer could be the right fit. Or look for adidas WIND.RDY, COLD.RDY and RAIN.RDY for more technical jackets made for a range of weather conditions. If you carry keys, cards or your phone when you run, choose a jacket with zipper pockets to help keep your gear safe.
A windbreaker is good for running in breezy weather. Windbreakers provide a thin shell that blocks wind without weighing you down. Layer the windbreaker over a singlet or tank top, or wear it over a sweatshirt or long sleeve running top for more warmth.
Look for a running jacket that’s breathable, comfortable and washable to keep you going even when the weather is less than ideal. If you live where winters are cold, look for a jacket with insulating adidas COLD.RDY. If you run in the rain, check for a water-resistant finish or full waterproofing. Details like mesh ventilation or under-arm zips can help keep you comfortable as you sweat. Reflective materials are a good idea for low-light conditions. Finally, if you carry a phone or other items when you run, look for zipper pockets to help keep your gear where it belongs. Learn how to wash all types of jackets on the adidas blog.