White NMD R1 Gear

All white or edged with color. Find adidas white NMD_R1 shoes to match your vibe. These kicks are great for lounging and long walks, training and traveling.

adidas White NMD R1 Shoes

The future's upon us. And whether you're an athlete, an influencer, a digital nomad or all three, you need sneakers that can keep up. Cue adidas white NMD_R1 shoes. Lightweight yet cushioned, sleek and soft, these sneakers strike just the right balance between style and comfort. Designed for a modern lifestyle that doesn't necessarily fit within traditional limits, they'll take you effortlessly from gym to desk, day to night, and from one time zone to the next. Opt for an entirely white shoe, or one with pops of color. With so many adidas white NMD_R1 shoes to choose from, you might not want to settle for just one pair. From the soft and stretchy adidas PRIMEKNIT upper to the cushioned adidas Boost midsole, adidas white NMD sneakers are made to keep you moving comfortably, whether you're jogging or strolling with a latte in hand.

Pull tabs make them so easy to slip on and off. And as you mingle with the crowds in the city or at a festival (preferably one that's mud-free), the distinctive midsole inserts will stand out, even amid a sea of white sneakers. You'll find quirky prints and bold color combinations, speckled soles and classic all-white styles. Plus there are sneakers designed for all age groups. Find the perfect adidas white NMD_R1 shoes to brighten up your shoe rack and blend with any outfit.